#LajjaDiaries #MansplainingSexism #SexismAtWork

This one is for all the women who’ve chosen to earn their own bread. We’ve all been at the receiving end of casual remarks and slants in the guise of well-meaning questions and humour. But we all know that’s just plain old sexism rearing its ugly head. So, here goes. Their lips say something but here is #WhatTheyReallyMean.

Wondering why you get paid lesser than your male counterpart for the same job?

Wondering why your face which you didn’t even make yourself has anything to do withthe career you’ve made on your own?

Wondering why it’s so hard for some to see women in-charge?

Wondering why an aggressive man knows what he wants but an aggressive woman is just a B****?

Wondering why every second CEO has a soft spoken skirt clad secretary?

Wondering why it is anybody’s business when you will choose to procreate?

Wondering why the collective noun for a group of women seems to be bimbette but for a group of men seems to be serious business?

Wondering why you’re the chosen one to make them feel at home and taken care of?

Wondering what your looks and clothes have to do with a pitch?

Wondering why fathers aren’t asked how they leave their kids behind to earn money?